Signature Collection

    Welcome to our signature collection of tattoo products. When YAYO launched in 2016 we quickly grew to have four variations of tattoo butters to choose from all offering a slightly different experience based on the core essential oil ingredients. 

    Clean was developed to be silky smooth and to offer an anti-microbial function, thanks to the inclusion of tea tree essential oil. 

    Clear came later, using a similar base as Clean but changing the essential oil for lemongrass which now gave the butter an anti-inflammatory response. 

    Prime was developed to be our deep moisturising and sensitive skin formulation and thus has a slightly tougher butter feel to it. 

    Sweet was our final blend which encompasses the benefits of the other three signature butters. Thanks to the inclusion of lime oil, Sweet offers anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties while also being developed to offer deep tissue moisturising which is excellent for sensitive skin.

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