Our best-in-class tattoo artist team come from diverse backgrounds that form the foundation of their individual styles which drive the industry in dynamic and interesting ways.

Vesso Alexiev

Vesso Art Studio

  • Pocklington, York
  • @vessoalexievart
  • Specialises in realism/abstract

Tibor Varga

  • Colour realism
  • @tiborvargatattoo

Pete Galeski

  • @pete_tattoo
  • Colour realism
  • Black and grey realism

Matt Lewis

Sinister Arts

  • Torquay, UK
  • Specialises in 'Sinister realism'
  • @matt_sinisterarts

Craig James

  • @craigjamestattoos
  • Colour realism
  • Black and Grey Realism

Connor Shiffert

  • @connor.tattoos
  • @ironthorntattoo
  • Specialises in illustrative floral and nature inspired work