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Flower Power Hour: The Essential Facts about Orange Essential Oil.

Now, unless you’ve been in a coma since the sixteen hundreds, I’m sure you are well aware of what an orange is - especially with it being the most produced citrus fruit in the world with oranges making up 50% of all citrus fruits produced. What you may not know is what orange essential oil actually is, what its used for and how Eco-friendly oranges actually are. 

Find out all this and more in this weeks Flower Power Hour!

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Flower Power Hour: The ABC’s of Vitamin E - A special report from the front line defense in preventing infection.

Vitamin E, as the more astute reader will likely have guessed, is a Vitamin. More specifically, it is the name given to a group of compounds - oil-soluble antioxidants to be exact. It is naturally occurring in many plants and helps to maintain healthy skin and eyes. 

There are around eight different forms of Vitamin E - the one used in our skincare products, and our hero, is called Tocopherol. This form has many different uses, but most importantly aids skin repair. It does so by acting as an antioxidant. 

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