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Around the world: Interview with Meraki Fade.

In my humble opinion Meraki Fade is the most inspiring tattooist working today. An accomplished dot work tattooist, hand tap artist, business woman, film maker, anthropologist, adventurer and trapeze artist; Fade is in a league of her own. Yayo met up with Fade to get her opinion on the return of the tattoo convention and what it feels like to be lost at sea.

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How a sailor's tattoo saved his soul

Fishing and tattoos have a long history. For the men who used to go to sea a tattoo was more than just body art. Tattoos held a superstitious power to bring good luck, protection against misfortune and could stop a man from drowning. Yayo sent out Matt Haddon-Reichardt to investigate the long history of tattoos and the sea and to find out if a tattoo really has the power to save a man's soul.

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