YAYO Guard Protective Tattoo Film


YAYO Guard is a protective tattoo healing film which acts as a second skin to provide a barrier between your new tattoo and outside germs and bacteria. It is waterproof but permeable on the inside to allow your skin to naturally perspire and the film uses a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive and is made of polyurethane.

YAYO Guard works by locking in your natural healing fluids to allow a healing process that begins from the inside, working out. 

  • Roll size: 15cm x 10m (5.90in x 32.81ft)
  • EU Registered
  • 100% Vegan
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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Haven’t got a chance to use the stuff myself yet but getting my last piece started and the artist using the guard, as well as the aftercare, was definitely much better than normal methods. Will be using this for the foreseeable!

Yayo Guard

Brilliant product. Awesome results and a great thing to use on the lazy clients who hate the aftercare part.


Really good stuff, not had any problems on myself, or my clients. Tattoos heal better, faster and are protected at the most crucial time.

Great product

Fantastic, don’t think I’ll be going back to Dermalize! Much easier to apply without getting air bubbles in, and the film is so much better designed to remove with gloves on!
And bonus that it’s Vegan too! 🌱

The only improvement I can suggest is for the starting tabs to be on both sides instead of only one! Would mean much less wastage for those smaller tattoos that only require half a sheet!

Best film on the market

Ive being using Yayo Guard every day since its introduction into the Yayo range after previously having tried several other brands. It is by far the best healing film out there. It is easy to apply and sticks well. Unlike others out there both the back sheet and top sheet and easily removed during application, which while wearing gloves is a must for me.
I have also found unlike other brands i have had no reactions to the film and the heals i get are fantastic everytime.
100% recommended to everyone out there