New YAYO Guard 2.0


YAYO Guard 2.0 is a protective tattoo healing film that acts as a second skin to provide a barrier between your new tattoo and outside germs and bacteria. It is waterproof but permeable on the inside to allow your skin to naturally perspire and the film uses a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive and is made of polyurethane.

YAYO Guard works by locking in your natural healing fluids to allow a healing process that begins inside and working out. 

  • Roll size: 15cm x 10m (5.90in x 32.81ft)
  • EU Registered
  • 100% Vegan

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Customer Reviews

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In love!

Absolutely love this product place I can find to get my hands on some. It’s such a lifesaver since I heal pretty bad and it makes the healing process so much quicker and easier


Love it!!!

Sent from the Tattoo Gods

Yayo have smashed it with this product, I use on it on every single tattoo and they heal perfectly. Lets be honest as artists we all know clients who essentially abandon afercare as soon as they leave the studio no matter how much we emphasise how important it is. Well Yayo Guard is the perfect solution, it stays on for a minimum 24 hour, max 5 days. Is breathable, waterproof - removes all risks of cross contamination by your client and heal exactly how you put them in. Not only that but I've found most people are healed in a week, no scabbing and the tiniest amount of peeling which is exactly what we want! Ya know when you find something so great you literally have no idea how you went without it? This is one 🙏🏻🖤

Tattoo butter and wrap

Wow absolutely amazing. Iv used lots of different products for my various tattoo's. This is the best by miles. I will never use anything else. The wrap is so good and does exactly what it says on the tin lol 😆. My chest piece has healed amazing. The tattoo butter is great. It smells lovely and is not greasy. Just soaks in and does the job. Using these two products combined has ment iv lost no colour at all and have healed supper quick with minimal discomfort. Get it you defo won't regret it x

Simply the best

Always my go to aftercare for my clients. I give it to them complimentary as I'd rather they use it for the duration of their healing time, showing them its better than anything else out there.👍