Yayo Guard Instructions

How to use YAYO Guard

Before applying YAYO Guard, ensure you have thoroughly washed your hands and are using clean surgical gloves.

Application Instructions

  1. Allow your tattoo to bleed for around 5 to 10 minutes. This is your body trying to clean the wound naturally from within. Your blood is full of white blood cells to aid the reduction of infection.
  2. Gently wash your new tattoo with YAYO soap (be sure to include an area up to 4cm around the tattoo) followed by cleaning the area with YAYO Pitch to further reduce the risk of infection. Pat the area dry with a clean, absorbent, single use towel. At this stage you may apply a thin layer of your preferred YAYO aftercare to the tattoo to speed up healing of the epidermis (optional). Ensure that you only apply this to the tattoo; the skin area around the tattoo will be needed for the hypoallergenic adhesive to bond to.
  3. Apply the film with the protective side facing down towards the tattoo (do this by peeling off the protective paper layer). Press down the edges on to the skin, ensuring that you leave at least a 2.5cm (0.98inch) margin around the tattoo then peel away the back cover.
  4. Wear YAYO Guard for up to 5 days depending on how much your tattoo weeps. Follow the removal instructions below.

Removal Instructions:

Keeping the skin cool (ie normal body temperature - DO NOT remove in the shower or hot bath) gentle peel each corner of the film layer back towards the centre ensuring that you remain parallel to the skin surface. The adhesive may be difficult to remove, DO NOT RIP OFF the guard. Patience is key here.


If you happen to be left with adhesive residue on your tattoo after removal, don't panic. This happens a lot when the product is left on the skin for too long, is removed in a warm environment (such as bath or shower) or if the environment is at the same temperature as your body or high. What happens is when the adhesive is warmed above body temperature it can separate from the polyurethane backing and remain on your skin. 

If this happens we recommend baby oil for removal of the residue as it has proved to be very effective. If you're finding this doesn't work we have been advised by some customers that the use of alcohol wipes have also been effective. We are not doctors and this does not constitute as medical advise. If in doubt, always refer to your artist or GP.


YAYO Guard is waterproof but permeable on the inside to allow your skin to naturally perspire. The film uses a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive and is made of polyurethane.


Store YAYO Guard in a cool and dry area. DO NOT apply to infected skin. Some allergic reaction may occur in rare cases of skin sensitivity. If you suffer any adverse reaction, cease use of YAYO Guard and consult your doctor.

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