Which YAYO Familia products contain Cannabidiol (C B D)?

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Which YAYO products contain cannabidiol (C B D)?

  1. YAYO Chill Laser Aftercare
  2. YAYO Chill Reseller Pack

What benefits does cannabidiol (C B D) offer?
Cannabidiol (C B D) has gained popularity over the years due to the reported health benefits pertaining to it. For skin care and skin healing the benefits are very simple, C B D oil promotes an anti-inflammatory while encouraging the rapid recovery of the epidermis. 

We use C B D oil in some products due to demand and request from you, our customers, and since launching its use we've seen a huge increase in demand from new and existing clients. Feedback has been tremendous and we will aim to be creating a range of new products containing this fascinating and quality natural ingredient.


Hemp oil contains many components, including cannabinoids like cannabidiol (C B D), vitamins, and minerals, that have a bevy of health benefits. When hemp oil is applied topically, it is absorbed directly through the skin. Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the skin, the body’s largest organ, making cannabidiol a potential therapy for a range of conditions, from dry skin to skin cancer. Because it is applied right to trouble areas, the cannabidiol hemp oil works directly where needed most and isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream.

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