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Alpha Round Liner Cartridge Needles

Size: 1 RL Long Taper Bugpin
1 RL Long Taper Bugpin
3 RL Long Taper
3 RL Long Taper Bugpin
5 RL Long Taper
5 RL Long Taper Bugpin
7 RL Long Taper
9 RL Long Taper
14 RL Medium Taper
  • Description
  • 20 carts per box
  • E.O Gas Sterilised
  • Medical Grade Plastic
  • 316L Stainless Steel Needles
  • Membrane System


Let's face it, by now if you're a tattooist you know what you're looking for with cartridge needles so you don't need us to "sell you" on the benefits? However if you do, understand that Alpha Cartridge Needles have been designed from the ground up, having spent 3 years in planning and testing with artists from around the world. 


Quality in every stroke of your tattoo machine is built right into these babies.


  • Medium taper length 5.5mm
  • Long taper length 7mm

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