Tattoo Cleaning Soap: Keep Your Tattoo Sparkling Clean

Tattoo Cleaning Soap: Keep Your Tattoo Sparkling Clean

It’s important to love the skin you’re in - especially when you’ve got a new tattoo to look after. There are extra precautions to think about for newly tatted skin so choosing the right tattoo cleaning soap is crucial. Here we share some key factors to consider before buying a new tattoo soap.

Why is it important to keep your tattoo clean?

Fresh tattoos must be kept clean from germs, dirt, sunlight and contaminants as they are very susceptible to infection.

What tattoo cleaning soap is right for my skin type?

As with choosing any other soap, when choosing your tattoo cleaning soap you need to think about your skin type - from oily to dry, your needs will vary.

Oily skin

This skin type is one that is highly hydrated but gets greasy easily. The best tattoo cleaning soap for oily skin is one which protects your natural oils, preserves healthy oil levels and removes excess buildup. Opt for balancing ingredients rather than extra hydrating ingredients or ones which increase oiliness.

Natural plant oils can help to cleanse and calm the skin and ingredients such as castor oil, aloe vera, coconut oil and sweet almond oil are recommendable for oily skin.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, we suggest seeking out a soap that helps boost hydration to not further dry out your skin. Seek out moisture retention level properties in your tattoo cleaning soap and steer away from any products that could increase dehydration.

Our YAYA tattoo cleaning soap contains natural plant oils to cleanse and calm. The activated charcoal and lemongrass help to prevent infection making your tattoo heal better in the long term.

Combo Skin

Feeling like you identify with both dry and oily skin? You’re probably a combination skin person. For you, the best option for a tattoo cleaning soap would be one which provides some hydration without drying out your skin. Sensitive skin products often work well. Make sure to avoid sodium lauryl sulphate and synthetic dyes.

How do I wash my tattoo?

The way in which you wash your tattoo, and the tattoo cleaning soap that you use, will vary depending on if you are washing a new tattoo or washing an old tattoo.

Washing new tattoos

When you have a new tattoo that’s going through its headline process, you need to be especially careful about the tattoo soap you’re using. At this time, keeping the affected skin clean is more important than ever. And, because you technically have an open wound, healing tattoos are extra sensitive to tattoo soap ingredients.

By its very nature, soap will always cause some kind of irritation as you are adding an alkaline substance to an open wound. This means that there will always be an element of mild stinging, redness or irritation. It’s just part of the process of cleaning a tattoo. However, tattoo soaps with all natural ingredients will minimise the irritation as much as possible.

For new tattoos, you want to avoid any irritating ingredients which could aggravate the tattoo and prolong the healing process. You need a good quality tattoo soap that is able to handle the excess ink and flaky skin that tends to occur while your tattoo is healing.

Washing old tattoos

Although old tattoos aren’t as sensitive, the affected skin still needs to be well looked after in the long run. Washing your old tattoos well can help prevent fading.

Try to avoid harsh ingredients and look for tattoo soaps that lock in moisture and protect natural oils. It could also be a good idea to look for collagen-boosting ingredients.

Can I use scented tattoo cleaning soap on my new tattoo?

It is safest to opt for a specialised tattoo cleaning soap rather than soap. These potentially harsh ingredients could cause irritation and aggravate the skin while it’s trying to heal.

Always make sure to check out the ingredients list. Natural ingredients, such as lemongrass or coconut oil, are non-irritating ingredients that also happen to smell great! Win-win! 

How should I use tattoo cleaning soap?

When you first get your tattoo, you need to be extra careful with your cleansing routine for the first weeks of healing.

Your tattoos should be washed thoroughly when you wake up and before you go to bed. This is enough to keep it clean - overwashing could make the skin dry out and disrupt the tattoo’s healing. Also, if you are undergoing any sweaty or dirty activities, you should give the tattoo a clean.

Here are some tips to clean your tattoo:

  • Always make sure your hands are clean before starting
  • Use lukewarm water rather than too hot or too cold
  • Get a bit of tattoo cleaning soap onto your hands and lather it up. Apply the lather to your tattooed area and rub (not scrub!) in small, gentle circles. Wash away any excess skin or ink that is naturally coming off - don’t pick at it, it will come off eventually
  • Rinse the area thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • Gently pat it dry with clean paper towel, making sure again to not scrub
  • You can apply a thin layer of soothing gel onto the tattoo area after it’s been cleaned

Key takeaways

Consider your skin type and the right ingredients for it. Always approach your tattoo with love - old or new - but think about the extra care needed to clean new tattoos.