Numbing Tattoo Butter: Your New Best Mate for Soothing Skin

Numbing Tattoo Butter: Your New Best Mate for Soothing Skin

Is the fear of pain putting you off from getting your dream tattoo? Numbing tattoo butter could be your saviour. Here’s everything you need to know about numbing tattoo butter - the dos and don’ts, how it works and why it may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

What is numbing tattoo butter?

First, let’s take a look at what numbing tattoo butter actually is. Numbing tattoo butter has a natural inflammatory effect, designed to make the process of getting a tattoo less painful.

YAYO Encore Tattoo Butter has the active ingredients of clove oil and bergamot are all natural. These two essential oils work to reduce inflammation on the affected area of broken skin, effectively reducing pain during tattooing.

How do you apply numbing tattoo butter?

The day of your tattoo appointment, make sure to thoroughly clean the area of skin getting tattooed. Exfoliators can help remove any trapped dirt or dead skin, while water and soap will ensure that the area is totally clean.

You should then apply the numbing tattoo butter around 60-90 minutes before your appointment. It is recommendable to use a glove to prevent your hands and fingers from going numb.

The butter should be applied thickly (about 3mm) to the relevant area and should still be visible on the skin after being applied - not rubbed in like sunscreen or moisturiser. Make sure to cover the entire area of where the tattoo will be plus an extra inch on either side to ensure full coverage.

After it is applied, cover the entire area in plastic cling film to prevent the numbing butter from drying out and any dirt from entering. The wrap should be left on right up until your tattoo artist is ready to begin. Once ready, you can remove the wrap and wipe all of it away using a paper towel. The numbing effect will have already set in ready for you to start getting your tattoo, pain-free!

You can test the numbing tattoo butter the day before your appointment by applying a small amount to the area where you’re getting tattooed. This is a good way of testing how your skin reacts to the butter to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day.

We suggest using the numbing tattoo butter in conjunction with the numbing foam and green soap. These products all contain natural active ingredients which have pain-reducing effects. As a result, using all three products together will make sure that the pain reduction effects are sustained. YAYO numbing tattoo butter can be used during the entire tattoo.

How does numbing tattoo butter work?

Tattoo numbing butters work as an inflammatory for the area where you’re getting a tattoo. With all natural active ingredients, YAYO numbing tattoo butter uses essential oils which reduce inflammation so that you can have a less painful experience while getting your tattoo. 

Benefits of numbing tattoo butter

For tattoo artists, many favour the use of numbing tattoo butters as it helps the client to experience reduced pain, allowing them to work more efficiently without interruptions. It can also help them do larger pieces in one session rather than breaking it up into multiple sessions. This efficiency can be a huge benefit for tattoo artists.

As a client, tattoo numbing butters can allow you to sit pain-free for much longer, even for sensitive areas. Tattoo numbing butters can help people overcome the pain that may be stopping them from getting the tattoo they’ve always wanted.

Is it safe to use numbing tattoo butter?

Tattoo numbing butters are generally considered safe to apply before tattoo treatments and can be especially helpful for sensitive areas. It is always advisable to check the active ingredients of whatever butter you use. Opting for a numbing tattoo butter with all-natural ingredients can be a safe way to relieve pain when getting a tattoo.

Using all-natural numbing tattoo butter is safer than numbing creams. Tattoo numbing creams contain lidocaine and are used as a topical agent. Rather than an anti-inflammatory effect, it works more as an aesthetic. With our numbing tattoo butter, the natural ingredient of clove oil reduces inflammation and, in turn, pain. It can be used on broken skin and during the entire tattoo - unlike numbing cream.

Key takeaways

Numbing tattoo butter can reduce inflammation in the area where you’re going to get a tattoo, making it far less painful to get your dream tattoo. Always look at the active ingredients and carry out a spot test before using tattoo numbing butters or sprays.